You are trying to be the most amazing parent and protect your child, but we know for some families who think more holistically that immunizations can be controversial. Our providers have seen first-hand the huge benefits and decreased illnesses accomplished through decades of vaccinating our young patients. We know that there are sometimes challenges for parents to balance the benefits of giving vaccines versus the risk for infections and immunization reactions. Therefore, we are offering some unique options:

  • Extended individual vaccine schedules from birth through adolescence
  • Catch up vaccine schedules with letters and plans for school or daycare
  • Immune support before and during vaccination
  • Detoxification advice and support after vaccines
  • Information on valid and invalid exclusions for vaccines
  • Information on risks associated with not vaccinating
  • Support for those choosing not to vaccinate

We believe that the CDC/AAP/ACIP immunization schedule is safe for the majority of children and the community at large, but more important for us in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine is that we work together with you to provide appropriate care for your individual child. We will support you through your choices and work with you to ensure your precious child has the best chance for a life full of health and fitness. 

For a full vaccine assessment and plan for your child, feel free to check out our pricing page, as these options are available even if you are not a member of our practice.