Preteen and Teen Care

Adolescence can be an amazing experience as your child begins to develop into a grown adult, and it can be very challenging for all involved! Hormones in children start to shift as early as 8-10 years of age in girls, and 10-12 in boys. The PIPH team will help you navigate through these changes and remain in communication with your child. We offer a safe and welcoming place to discuss issues regarding sexuality and gender.

We understand the challenges of social media, screen time, bullying, and peer pressure. There are more mental health challenges today in otherwise healthy preteens and teenagers. Our team is here to address these issues with you and your teen. PIPH offers an expanded assortment of nonpharmacologic treatments that are our first line of therapy. We believe that there are many other ways to get a handle on stress, emotions, depression, and anxiety. From HeartMath to meditation, exercise to natural herbs, diet to daily routines we have tools to help you and your teen feel their best.

PIPH has expanded integrative treatment options for acne, obesity, birth control, improving athletic performance, treating sports injuries, pain and many other teenage issues. This is also a time when we like to start meeting alone with your child as we help them learn to care for their own health.