Prenatal visits and Newborn Care

Prenatal Care

The months of pregnancy and immediate post-birth are special times for families and their babies. So much is going on internally when it seems like so little is happening on the outside. We are privileged to have a very special certified program for moms and babies which you may want to further explore. This program is from the Maharishi Ayurvedic tradition, called Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby LEARN MORE

We welcome prenatal visits from families expecting their newborn in the near future. This is a special time with lots of questions, especially for first-time parents. You can come and meet our staff, visit and tour our facility, and make sure that we are a good fit for you. If nothing else, it helps you know how to navigate to our office before you have to worry about car seats and diapers. This is a time for you to ask questions of our providers and hear their knowledgeable answers and sense their decades of expertise.

Newborn Care

Immediately after birth is a time that is precious but can also be challenging. The bodies of little babies are strong and yet delicate at the same time. We monitor newborn infants closely to assure their health.

There are many areas of common concern that we like to address thoroughly.  Mom’s bodies are suddenly challenged to produce enough food for her newborn. Sometimes an infant doesn’t gain enough weight, or their skin turns yellow indicating jaundice. Sometimes they have difficulty eating even if there is enough breast milk. Mom’s hormones are shifting quickly and can lead to tremendous emotional swings. Together we can provide you with the knowledge and support to feel reassured and secure in the care of your unique newborn. We will coach and cheer you on as you continue to succeed in raising your child!