Dedicated to teaching you how to stop dieting and live a healthy lifestyle; integrating wellness, fitness, nutrition and a healthy frame of mind, body, and spirit. Teaching you healthy doesn’t mean boring, how to live in the moment, relinquish fear and to go after your dreams. Life is meant to be lived!

What We Achieve

  • Help people get off medication
  • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce inflammation
  • Create healthy mindsets through emotional healing and goal setting
  • Give people their life back through healthy lifestyle changes with food, education, love and laughter
  • Create corporate wellness programs, which lower sick days, improve morale, and make for a healthier work environment
  • Change lives in mind, body, spirit individually and groups
  • Travel the country getting people healthy through public speaking engagements


Individual Programs (all sessions confidential):

Initial Assessments is a one time, one hour session including goals, medical history, food allergies, medications, nutrition history, exercise history, lifestyle and other pertinent information necessary for future sessions. This is required for all new clients. It will be revisited throughout future sessions. A notebook is required to track goals, daily meals*, exercise, emotions and other important information.

3 month, 6 month and 12 month programs include one initial assessment and weekly 30 minute follow up assessments. The initial assessment includes goals, medical history, medications, and nutrition history. The follow up weekly sessions include food diary review*, and each will vary based on client goals, progress, and nutritional needs.  A notebook is required to track goals, daily meals*, exercise, emotions and other important information. *A 3 month program can be upgraded to a 6 month program. A 6 month program can be upgraded to a 12 month program.

Follow up consultations 50 minute sessions. These are provided weekly for the first four weeks and bi-weekly thereafter. Content of the sessions include food diary review*, goals, progress, medical changes, recipes and other client needs discussed. Other topics may include exercise, healthy reflection, psychology of food, how to eat out, meditation, and other items based on client needs. 

Email support is available to all active clients of Lisa Drew Wellness and PIPH as a complimentary service. However, extensive phone or email communication that replaces follow up consultations, whether scheduled or unscheduled, will be billed daily at the hourly rate. 

*NOTE‚Äč: If a client/patient has an eating disorder or has disordered eating, a daily food journal or exercise journal will not be required. This will be determined at the time of assessment and on a case by case basis. 

Also Available: Group and Corporate Wellness Programs