Healthy Happy Mother Baby Program

The Healthy Happy Mother Baby Program provides a wonderful beginning for families based on the traditional time-tested knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda. Specialized consults are provided for families from preconception through pregnancy, labor & delivery and the postpartum period. The nourishing home care program following delivery facilitates the best start for the baby and supports recovery for mom.

This program works with your regular Obstetrical (OB) care and chosen delivery method. You are welcome to start the program at any point, including only completing the postpartum consultation and treatments. You do not have to become members of our pediatric practice to benefit from this program.

The Program:

During preconception, our dedicated team will work with you to develop an individualized diet and daily routine specifically designed to enhance fertility. We will set up a plan to help you remove impurities and environmental toxins from your tissues so your body is prepared to welcome a new baby.

While pregnant, we’ll work with you to develop a nutritious diet and self-care protocol that supports the development of the fetus. You will also learn how to avoid common household toxins. Doing so helps make the labor and delivery process as healthy and easy as possible.

The Healthy Happy Mother Baby Program increases the likelihood of a shorter duration of labor, less discomfort, and fewer complications. The postpartum care helps soothe and nourishes the mother with massages, and supportive treatments so that she may best nourish her newborn. We do this by encouraging rest, giving massages to mother and baby, and implementing a special diet and routine to restore balance to the mother’s body, mind, and emotions.

Call today to learn about how you can increase the chances that you deliver the healthiest and happiest baby possible. We take great pride in offering the best start to the babies and mothers entrusted in our care.