Dharma parenting

Dharma Parenting is a unique approach to raising happy and successful children founded in the Ayurvedic tradition. The word “Dharma” comes from the Sanskrit verb dhri, which means to uphold or support.  Our dharma is our path in life- the lifestyle that supports our personal growth, happiness, success and fulfillment. Dharma Parenting was developed by Robert Wallace, PhD and Frederick Travis, PhD and incorporates six parenting tools that apply to children of all age groups.  They’re easy to remember using the word “dharma” as an acronym:

  • Discover your child’s and your own, brain/body type
  • Heal yourself
  • Attention and appreciation
  • Routines to improve family dynamics
  • Marriage meltdowns and cultivate better behavior
  • Anticipate and Adapt

Here at PIPH, Dr. Renee will offer individual support sessions and introductory group classes on how to use Dharma Parenting to assist your family in reaching happiness and balance.

Recommended Reading:

Wallace, R.K., Travis, F. (2016) Dharma Parenting: Understand Your Child’s Brilliant Brain for Greater Happiness, Health, Success, and Fulfillment. New York:  Random House. Available at Amazon.com