Transcendental Meditation

Why Transcendental Meditation? 

It is simple, effortless, effective and fun!  It is not a philosophy, lifestyle or religion but gives you energy, fulfillment, peace, happiness, rest and the ability to reach your self potential.

Transcendental Meditation could well be the most natural exercise for the whole family. You just sit down for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day, close your eyes, and let your mantra (word or sound)  do the work for you.  This technique of meditation was brought to the United States in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India.

The Transcendental Meditation program is taught by a certified teacher. The technique is taught in four two-hour sessions for adults and children over age 10. Children as young as four are taught a special walking technique using their Word of Wisdom instead of a mantra.

Each session builds up your understanding and confidence to use the technique. You will learn how to recognize correct practice, how to begin and end the meditation, when best to meditate when you can do extra meditations, and how to deal with noise or disturbances.

A large body of research on this method has demonstrated that the TM technique when used as a regular daily practice:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Produces a more profound rest than just sitting with your eyes closed, called “restful alertness”
  • Increases perception, memory and the ability to learn
  • Improves the ability to focus
  • Improves academic performance
  • Improves job performance
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases tolerance
  • Decreases tension in the body
  • Decreases blood pressure and heart rate
  • Provides coherent rest for the nervous system due to profound relaxation

Recommended Reading:  Strength in Stillness:  The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth

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