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Sugar is one of the most overused food ingredients, with the least amount of nutritional value. It may be included in food as a wide range of sweeteners from plain white cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup. There are many types of sugar that are found in most processed foods you buy at the store, even the foods and snacks labeled “Healthy”.

Here are simple lifestyle things from our SAFER+ tips that you should be able to do pretty easily to start your year toward one of more balanced health.

This past year we have all spent so much time with our electronic screens, in a zoom classroom, doing assignments, attending meetings, and being entertained.  Finding ways to take a break from my screen made me think of how IREAD MORE

This year the holidays are going to be a little different than what we are used to. That is why we at Pacific Integrative Pediatric Health have put together some activity pages and cards to get you and your familyREAD MORE

As we move into the darker and longer nights of December, we invite you to step out and help your commUNITY. There are simple and yet powerful ways to pull together, helping our neighbors and friends to get through these challenging times. Simple and safe acts of kindness and generosity go a very long way to lift the spirits out of the night and into the light.

Thanksgiving has previously been a time when families would get together to celebrate special meals and traditions to recognize the abundance of the year. This year may be a lot different for many of us. That is why it is especially important to make this Thanksgiving stand out in unique ways.

Vaccines can be scary for many parents, and of course for children. There are many techniques to help make them more tolerable depending on the age and development of the child, and we are here to help!

Veteran’s Day is traditionally set aside as a day to remember and celebrate our Veterans.  This year we would also like to celebrate the military families that support their active-duty members.  As a military wife for 28 years, I understandREAD MORE

We at PIPH wanted to share some ideas for making this a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween at home with your children. How about celebrating this year by making fun treats together with your family? Let them be part of the creative process. Even your very young children can be involved. You may want to start by having them draw and color some pictures of spooky, fun food ideas. Look around your kitchen and see what you have available on hand. If your child has food sensitivities or allergies you can still make safe, healthy and fun treats that are dairy, egg, and gluten free. It takes some planning but include your children in the shopping for the ingredients and be creative.

A well functioning immune system will improve a child’s ability to fight infections and stay healthy. That’s common sense, for sure. Equally important, though, is ensuring that a young person’s immune system is balanced to help manage longer-term health issues,READ MORE