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We at PIPH wanted to share some ideas for making this a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween at home with your children. How about celebrating this year by making fun treats together with your family? Let them be part of the creative process. Even your very young children can be involved. You may want to start by having them draw and color some pictures of spooky, fun food ideas. Look around your kitchen and see what you have available on hand. If your child has food sensitivities or allergies you can still make safe, healthy and fun treats that are dairy, egg, and gluten free. It takes some planning but include your children in the shopping for the ingredients and be creative.

A well functioning immune system will improve a child’s ability to fight infections and stay healthy. That’s common sense, for sure. Equally important, though, is ensuring that a young person’s immune system is balanced to help manage longer-term health issues,READ MORE

Vaccines help provide immunity from selected infections before your child is exposed to many potentially life-threatening diseases. After a baby is first born, antibodies from the mother that were shared through the placenta stay active, but only for the first few months of the baby’s life. And, while newborn babies are born with immune systems that can fight against some infections, there are diseases for which their immature immune systems can’t easily amount an adequate defense.

Parents aren’t always aware of signs of stress in children. They may present as moodiness, irritability, and sleep problems including nightmares. Changes in appetite, stomach aches, diarrhea, and hyperactivity are common symptoms.

Everyone and their mother has their own idea of what to eat when you’re pregnant. Between bizarre food cravings, nausea, and all the advice getting thrown around, it can be difficult to know what your body needs during this time. READ MORE

The device will help us to assess, diagnose, and possibly recommend an integrative treatment plan for many of the most common pediatric conditions through a video visit like never before

Bedwetting is a problem that millions of families face, sometimes nightly,  and it can be very stressful for both the child and their parents. When bedwetting happens in young kids, it’s more likely just a temporary annoyance vs. a medicalREAD MORE

Any child can develop allergies, but allergies in kids are more common in families that have a history of allergies. It’s estimated that allergies are the culprit for approximately 2 million missed school days each year. The early identification ofREAD MORE

The history of using salt therapy, also known as “Halotherapy,” dates back to ancient times. In Russia and Eastern Europe, people would descend into salt caves, the belief being that breathing in extremely small salt crystals would help to openREAD MORE

Many women experience back pain while pregnant, which is not too surprising considering the extra weight that is gained during pregnancy coupled with the fact that hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of the pelvis. As your pregnancyREAD MORE