Here are some of our favorite or most requested recipes. We try to give you something for all day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. We recommend using organic products as much as possible and regenerative farming techniques when possible. Come back frequently for updates. We are adding more topics and video instructions as we go along. Have fun and eat healthy!

Look for special symbols for special needs: 𝓥= vegan (includes dairy free and vegetarian), 𝐆𝐅 = gluten free, ⓓ = diary free, 𝐕= vegetarian.

Vegan Ranch Dressing

The Best Vegan Pot Pie

Gluten Free Cinnabon Copycat

Vegan Pumkin Pie

Bread Free Stuffing Balls

The Best Healthy Granola

Soft Sandwich Bread – GF

Polenta with Chickpeas and Tomatoes

Sweet Potato Flapjacks & Warm Chocolate Sauce

Holiday Recipes

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Healthy Halloween Treats