Thank you for your interest in Pacific Integrative Pediatric Health! We are excited to be
serving the San Diego region and beyond. Below are the details of our pricing for
services. We encourage you to consider a full membership so you can take advantage
of all the benefits we have to offer.

Membership for your first child: Membership starts with your youngest child. If your
child is under 2 years old the membership is $250/month, or $2,550 for the year if paid up
front (a 15% savings). If your child is 2 year and older, the membership is $208/month or
$2,125/year (for the first child). Each additional child is further discounted. Membership
is for a three-month minimum. Please see the chart below for details.

Membership for a child under 2 years old includes 14 visits per year with any of our
providers (MD, PNP, ND, acupuncturist, or OMT) whether virtual or in person, plus any
additional follow-up virtual check-ins. Children over 2 yo get 10 visits per year. All
memberships include custom integrative health plans, same-day sick visits, nutrition
and lifestyle counseling, a salt treatment each month, an individual class every week,
priority scheduling/visits. You also get deep discounts on other classes or courses,
services, or in our store.

Our classes range from nutrition and cooking to yoga or other movements, meditation
(transcendental meditation courses are extra), sound and other alternative healing
practices, etc.

Fee for service
(pay as you go) is $250 for the initial consultation which includes a
follow-up integrative plan, and then $250/hr ($125/30 min, etc., divided on the
quarter-hour). There are 9 recommended well visits for the first year which will mostly
be 60 min visits. Most sick visits will run you 30-60 min. All acupuncture and other
services are billed separately. Children older than 3 classically have one well visit a

Classes, salt room, etc. are billed at the current rate.

You want to maintain a regular insurance policy, although you may consider moving to a
less expensive and higher deductible plan. Membership does not include hospital care,
emergency room or urgent care visits outside of our practitioners, referral doctors, or
vaccines. We recommend that you have insurance for your children to cover these

Vaccines: We don’t accept insurance, but we will arrange vaccines through our
independent pharmacy, who may be able to charge your insurance, if possible. We are
happy to help you however we can.