Five SAFER+ tips for a joyful, and healthy 2022 | Pacific Integrated Pediatric Health

Here are simple lifestyle things from our SAFER+ tips that you should be able to do pretty easily to start your year toward one of more balanced health.

  1. Stress – HeartMath: You’ve probably heard mindfulness and meditation can reduce anxiety, depression and stress. There are now great free or low-cost apps to help you learn and practice meditation. Visit our website for more information and suggestions.  
  2. Activity – Yoga: There are many types and styles of yoga. All of them can help with flexibility, strength, balance, focus, attention and mood. YouTube is a great place to explore free sessions or check out our classes.
  3. Food – Hydrate your brain: 40-52 ounces a day of WATER are not only “recommended” but proven to help memory and mood.
  1. Environment – Use paraben free products: Parabens are known as endocrine disruptors and can have negative effects on our bodies. We are mostly exposed to them through cosmetics and personal care items such as lotions, sunscreen, antiperspirants, makeup and hair products. Pregnant women, fetuses and young children are most vulnerable to parabens, because at these life stages breast tissue is most susceptible to endocrine disruptors. Avoid products listing parabens as ingredients. Common parabens are: propylparaben (or propyl 4-hydroxylbenzoate), butylparaben (or butyl 4-hydroxylbenzoate), ethylparaben (or ethyl 4-hydroxylbenzoate), heptylparaben (or heptyl 4-hydroxylbenzoate), methylparaben (or methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate).
  2. Rest – Stop the blue light before bed: Put down your tablets or phone and turn off the TV/computer 1-2 hours before bed. The LED light emitted from your devices can interrupt your natural sleep and body rhythms. At PIPH we recommend keeping all devices out of the bedroom.  

Our SAFER+ tips are shared weekly on our social media. Check out all our tips and our bimonthly blogs for more details on a little healthier living!

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