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Author: Darren O'Loughlin

Ingredients 4 cups (370 g) rolled oats (gluten free) 2 cups (240 g) mixed nuts or seeds of your choice flaked almonds, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts… (use what is appropriate for any allergies) ½ cup (110 g) coconutREAD MORE

It is almost Saturday and you remember that it is your week to take snacks for the soccer (or lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, etc.) game.  Maybe you are thinking that you don’t want to bring a sugary drink like Gatorade,READ MORE

The beach is a great place to commune with family, friends, and nature but there are some things you need to be aware of for your family’s safety.

Poison prevention is about limiting our exposure to all chemicals, pesticides, and other environmental products that might be ingested or swallowed (like lead in the drinking water), absorbed through the skin, inhaled (air pollution), or even from exposure prenatally or while being breastfed. 

At PIPH we offer many services for your family, with a goal to create healthy, well-balanced children. We are privileged to work with practitioners and doctors from many fields of expertise who have a special interest in your individual child and family. We also have more broad services to support your family with group nutrition, education, and exercise/movement programs.

Our SAFER+ tips are shared weekly on our social media. Check out all our tips and our bimonthly blogs for more details on a little healthier living!

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At Thanksgiving and all season, we at PIPH hope that the holidays find you healthy, safe, and grateful. As we move into the longer nights of winter, we invite you to step out and help your commUNITY. We are ALLREAD MORE

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Mental Health Awareness is a topic that is so important this year, more than any other year in recent memory. With the pandemic in its second year, many families have been living in isolation, or with a risk for aREAD MORE