Dr. Bret

I came to Integrative Medicine through a long-time commitment to listening and learning from the needs of my patients. I was first introduced to alternative and complementary medical treatments in my undergraduate work at the University of Michigan. I never forgot learning about chi, chakras, yin and yang energy, and meridians. I experienced forms of energy medicine and mind-body medicine first-hand that at the time were just starting to be studied by the scientific method. I continue to seek out these experiences, practice yoga and am mindful of my dosha and food sensitivities.

I have served the San Diego community for over 25 years in pediatrics and have been complimented on my nurturing passion and natural healing way with children and their families. Beginning my practice with the underserved community, I learned things from grandmothers which were never taught in medical school. Their natural remedies seemed to work better than what I had to offer from Western medicine but with no side effects. I was mindful of their wisdom and respectful of their culture. It wasn’t for years until I really understood and embraced that they had a better way, as all my training was failing to make babies feel as good as a little chamomile tea.

In 2017 I started an Integrative Medicine Fellowship with AIHM. At this time I also began to work again with Dr. Renee, under whom I had studied 25 years earlier during my residency at UCSD. She had also come to Integrative Medicine and the two of us became fast friends, and embarked on the adventure to open Pacific Integrative Pediatric Health (PIPH).

I am providing pediatric care primarily as a Western-trained physician for acute and preventive care, vaccines, safety and guidance and then expanding more with nutrition, safe herbal treatments, vitamins, and other techniques I’ve incorporated. When appropriate I recommend integrative care for children within the office and with vetted colleagues around the county.  In my spare time I sing with a large chorus, participate in spiritual practice, and have a knack for gardening, especially orchids.

It is with great excitement and pride that Dr. Renee and I have brought together so many talented professionals to serve children and their families. At PIPH we endeavor to support the whole child and the whole family, body, mind, and spirit.

BRET ROBERT GERBER M.D — CV.  Click to view and print PDF