PIPH and Integrative health: Our approach to pediatric care

We are a blend of primary care practitioners and complementary health care providers who collaborate under one roof. Together we offer the best of evidence-based pediatric care and the best evidence-based complementary care to prevent disease and correct the root cause of illness. We aim to support your child’s innate ability to heal themselves. The Principals LEARN MORE

We feel that each child is unique and we believe that a healthy environment nourishes every child. We strive to become a healing team with you to help your child thrive. Therefore, we want you to have an active role in your child’s wellbeing. Together we will determine the best healthcare strategies for you and your family.  The Team LEARN MORE

At PIPH we offer many services for your family, with a goal to create healthy, well balanced children. We have therapies from acupuncture to yoga, alongside more typical treatments such as antibiotics to vaccines. We offer classes for children, their families and communities, and education for other providers. Our hope is that you and your family grow and experience the power of a more holistic way of healthy balanced living, disease prevention, treatment and healing.  Services LEARN MORE

We want to build strong relationships with our families.  We give your family the extra time, the expertise, and the deep relationships that help your child thrive.  This is why our standard visits are one hour long with follow-up appointments and acute visits 30 minutes.

To accomplish this we have made the decision to structure our practice differently from the standard pediatric office. This is why we use a membership model for our center. We have eliminated the bureaucracy and shredded the red tape inherent in an insurance-based practice.  This allows us to make important decisions with you about your child’s health without the interference and time constraints of insurance. Membership Model LEARN MORE